[Olympic Virtual Series Workout - Team Sprint (E)] Makuri Islandsをグループワークアウトでチームスプリント

今日はZWIFTのグループワークアウトOlympic Virtual Series Workout Inspired by Anna Meares (E) に参加しました。


新設コースのMakuri Islandsのルートコンプリートにもなり、おまけにTeam Sprintということなので、スプリントを練習するには絶好の機会でした。

Team Sprintは3回あったのですが、1回目と3回目はどちらもダンシングで踏み込んで、グループ全体(90人)のトップでアーチをくぐりました。


グループワークアウト自体は36分で終了してしまったので、ワークアウト後にしばらくコースを流していたら、Spirit Forestのルートコンプリートできました。


1. Olympic Virtual Series Workout Inspired by Anna Meares (E)


Over the course of June, we’ll be serving up a diverse set of high-octane group workouts, each of them developed by eight next-level Olympians and based on their own racing specialties.

So who do we have on deck?

Workout 1: Team Pursuit

Who: Georgia Simmerling

Why: Georgia is a bona fide expert in Team Pursuit, scoring herself a Bronze medal in the 2016 Olympics.

Workout 2: Punchy Climbs

Who: Nino Schurter

Why: Arguably one of the greatest mountain bikers of all time, Nino shares tips and tricks on how to overcome punchy climbs.

Workout 3: Keirin

Who Is It: Sir Chris Hoy

Why: One of the most visually striking track events, keirin is one of Sir Hoy’s specialties.

Workout 4: Road Race

Who: Anna van der Breggen

Why: A top Dutch cyclist, Anna is a versatile force on the tarmac with plenty of tips to help get you race ready in no time.

Workout 5: Sprint

Who Is It: Nelson Vails

Why: The first African-American to win an Olympic medal in cycling, Nelson is well-known for unleashing top sprinting efforts.

Workout 6: Individual Pursuit

Who: Dame Sarah Storey

Why: When she’s on the track, Dame Sarah Storey often chases down the competition so she’s the perfect person to impart her fitness wisdom.

Workout 7: Team Sprint

Who: Anna Meares

Why: A highly decorated track cyclist who’s fine-tuned her sprinting skills for years, who else could help you up your game?

Workout 8: Force Development

Who: Mariana Pajon

Why: Mariana has long called on what she’s learned with force development to earn her unofficial title as the Queen of BMX.

Go the distance and finish just one ride to unlock the slick in-game kit as well as the official bicycle of the Olympics, the Bridgestone Anchor RS9s—a high-end speed machine that keeps performance tight.

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コースは、Makuri IslandsのSpirit Forest(距離8.4km、標高134m)を38分かけて走ります。

2. 走行記



3. 結果

距離: 20.0km
標高: 321m
平均速度: 18.5km/h
平均心拍数: 144bpm
平均パワー: 146W(PWR 2.4w/kg)
カロリー: 542kCal